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Auto Injury Pharmacy For Case Manager


Prescription Services for Workers’ Compensation & Auto Injury

As a Case Manager your mission is to provide quality support during your clients’ recovery. Dynamic Care Pharmacy is here to help you fulfill that mission by providing the dedicated service necessary to assure your clients have complete and timely access to the medications their doctor prescribed with as little hassle as possible.

Our team of professionals are experts in the workers’ compensation system and auto injury insurance claims. We’re here to support your clients involved in legal issues and struggling to get their insurance company to provide the coverage they deserve.

The Dynamic Care prescription at-home delivery service fills and delivers all required prescriptions seamlessly with very few, if any, co-pays or out-of-pocket expenses to your clients. With our support you can avoid complex paperwork, phone calls and other obstacles that prevent or delay getting your patient the medication they require.

In short, Dynamic Care Pharmacy is here to help you get your clients the medical treatment prescribed with the minimal amount of paperwork, hassle and red tape. With our one point of contact and concierge service, you will be continually kept in the loop and we will communicate with you as much, or as little, as you desire. No one likes ugly surprises, and our team of professionals know what it takes to assure the proper care for your clients.

  • Utilizing a single pharmacy for all your patients eliminates the hassles of dealing with multiple points of contact.
  • Your practice will have 1-Point of contact to streamline all work and reduce your staff time.
  • We will schedule standing meetings at your discretion to keep you in the loop 24/7/365.
  • Your clients receive the seamless medical treatment they were prescribed.
  • Your clients will not have to pay out of pocket for any medicines (some restrictions apply).
  • We eliminate the time and expense of pre-approvals.
  • Our experienced team manages all reimbursement issues directly with the Insurance Company.
  • Dynamic Care Pharmacy is not affiliated with insurance companies or managed care programs; we’re an advocate for you and your clients.

Getting our team of professionals on your clients’ side is easy, just fill out our simple application and we can begin to provide the service and support your clients deserve.